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Disability Services

Letter to the Faculty

Dear Faculty Member,

The Department of Disability Services (DDS) promotes the concept of empowering and stimulating constructive leadership among students who will become role models and leaders for the next century. The office is able to advise the University community on its commitments under the ADA and Section 504. To meet these goals, we find it essential to provide comprehensive information and assistance to students, faculty, and administrative staff on issues related to disability.

With the goal of ensuring equal access while maintaining academic integrity, we are committed to working with faculty and students to incorporate solutions to areas of possible difficulties. Equal access for students with disabilities at Monmouth University means more than curb cuts and automatic doors; students must have access to programs as well as to buildings.

More than 500 students with disabilities are enrolled at Monmouth University. This figure includes undergraduate and graduate students. In general, the students have learned to address their own specific disabilities in proactive ways. They have successfully found viable resources and have accessed technology to advance learning. However, in some situations, students with disabilities require academic adjustments and accommodations in course work in order to demonstrate understanding and to fully achieve their academic goals.

The appropriate accommodations to ensure access will vary from one student to the next. Each student will have a different level and style of functioning, even within the same disability category.

The DDS staff values the faculty’s assistance in accommodating students with disabilities. We understand that at times it may take a little more time and planning on your part. However, it can also be rewarding, educational, and empowering.

Thank you,

Department of Disability Services for Students