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Department of Psychology @ Six Flags

Otter Elephant Picture 1 Giraffe Picture 1 Feeding Dolphins

affiliation between Monmouth University and Six Flags Safari provides psychology
students with a mixture of classroom, on-site, and scholarship-based learning
experiences. Students learn firsthand the psychology of animal behavior and animal training, including learning,
memory, and cognition. These principles are demonstrated using a selection of the 1,300 animals that Six Flags Safari houses, including giraffes,
sea lions, elephants, and rhinoceros. Under Six Flags supervision, students personally work
with these animals as part of their course work. Students gain public speaking skills as they participate in educational outreach presentations both at Six
Flags and on Monmouth University’s campus.


Rachel Conners
Rachel Conners, ’13

The Psychology Department at Monmouth
provided me with the transferable skills necessary to apply, interview,
accept, and excel at my internship at Walt Disney World as a participant
in the Disney College Program.

My familiarity and exposure to the Wild Safari at Six Flags Great
Adventure as part of the Department’s Experiential Education course on
the psychology behind animal training has served me well in my role as
an Attractions Cast Member in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

— Rachel Conners, Class of 2013