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Writing Services, Career Development, and Experiential Education

Monmouth’s Writing Services in the Center for Student Success has valuable resources for students preparing for legal careers. Students are invited to schedule appointments with writing center advisors, who can assist them in a range of projects—from research papers to assistance in writing law school personal statements.

Also, Writing Services is fully resourced for legal citation with reference guides and staff knowledgeable in Blue Book citation method, the citation style required for legal documents, court filings, and scholarly writing in the law.

Monmouth’s Career Development office also has important tools to focus your law school preparation, particularly information on applying to graduate and professional school in general, as well as links to workshops on resume writing and personal statements, documents that are critical in your law school admissions process.

Students interested in law are encouraged to use the Monmouth experiential education (“Ex Ed”) requirement in a legal field to gain insight into the important daily work of the law. The University offers many announcements in placements as varied as governmental agencies and local prosecutors’ offices to every size and specialty of law firm, ranging from insurance practice and personal injury (torts) to criminal defense. Career advising mentors are available in the departments to assist students in navigating the resources connected to the law and the student’s major.