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CommWorks: Students Committed to Performance

CommWorks on Facebook was established for ALL students who enjoy and are committed to performance as a means to transform, educate, entertain, and empower both performers and audiences. Follow us on Instagram @mucommworks.

CommWorks was founded in the Department of Communication at Monmouth University in 2004. Faculty and students in Communication Studies saw a need for those interested in the pursuit of excellence in performance to work together as a unit in the planning and execution of performance events. An exciting and varied history of performance has existed in Monmouth U’s Department of Communication since the early 1960s, but CommWorks has expanded the scope of events by offering performance opportunities on stage, in site-specific locations, at the public lectern, and in radio, television, and digital media. CommWorks students explore a wide variety of performance styles and goals to challenge their creative and academic capacities, improve public communication skills, enhance career opportunities, and help change the world!

Photo of CommWorks students rehearsing performance

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