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Communication Alumni Academy

The Communication Alumni Academy is an honorary association that was founded by the Department of Communication in 2013. At its core is an annual event recognizing prominent communication alumni. Membership in the Communication Alumni Academy is an honor bestowed on a select group of the department’s outstanding graduate and undergraduate alumni.

Criteria: Candidates are nominated based on their body of personal and professional achievements. We seek nominees who would stand out as examples for our current students to emulate.

Selection Process: Each year, faculty members recommend inductees for membership. An induction committee is formed to consider nominees, and a slate is agreed upon. The slate would be forwarded to the Communication Council, which would vote on membership.

What does membership entail? Inductees and their families are invited to an event on campus with faculty, administrators, members of the Communication Council and other guests. Each inductee’s name and biography is printed in a special booklet for the event, and will be published online on an area of the Department website devoted to the Academy. In ensuing years, inductees’ membership would be included in future publications tied to the Academy.

The Communication Alumni Academy event is held in conjunction with the annual Communication Career Event, and inductees are invited to attend the event and speak with students.

There is no obligation attached to membership.