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Department of Mathematics

Placement Exam FAQs and Answers

Who must take the placement exam?

All newly admitted students must take the exam. Any transfer student who has not received credit for a college-level mathematics course from another institution must take the exam.

When do I take the placement exam?

New first-year students must take the exam online via
SOAR before attending summer orientation. To find SOAR for First-Year Students, please visit myMU, the Monmouth University portal at Use the same User ID and Password that you have been using to access your Hawkmail@Live account. Then, click “eCampus” and you will find the “SOAR” link under the “Communities” section. Transfer students can first review using the online
Sample Placement Questions , and then contact to receive instructions.

Why do I need to take the placement exam?

We have you take the exam to assist you and your advisor in placing you in a mathematics course that matches your level of preparation and increases your chance of success.

How long is the exam?

The exam should take approximately 60 minutes.

What if I fail the placement exam?

You cannot fail the placement exam! The results are used to identify the appropriate mathematics class that is in the best interest for you and your major.

What if I require testing accommodations for a disability?

Please contact the Department of Disabilities Services at

How will I know what mathematics class to take?

Every new student coming to Monmouth (either first-year or transfer) is assigned an advisor. Your advisor will be able to take your placement score and, based on your major, help you decide what math class to schedule.

I have taken the placement exam, but I don’t want to take a mathematics course right away. What should I do?

Many course sequence charts do not show a mathematics course in the first semester or first year. However, your ability to perform well in a mathematics course does depend, in some sense, on how long it has been since your last exam. We suggest you try not to put off taking a mathematics class for very long.

What mathematics is tested, and do I need to study for the exam?

The test consists of arithmetic, algebra, and pre-calculus problems, which are a subset of the mathematics knowledge expected from your high school mathematics courses. Students can review using the online
Sample Placement Questions. It is strongly recommended that you do some review before taking the exam.

I have AP (or IB) credit from Monmouth for a mathematics course. Do I need to take the placement exam?

In general, no, but if the credit has not yet appeared on your transcripts or your academic audit, we require that you take the exam just in case. Of course, once the Monmouth credit for an AP (or IB) course has been granted, that will take precedence over the placement score.

I am a transfer student. Do I need to take the placement exam?

If you are a transfer student and you have transferred in a mathematics course, you do not need to take the placement exam.