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Department of Mathematics


All programs in our department provide students with the skills and competencies necessary for successful careers.

About the Department

The Mathematics Department at Monmouth University offers an innovative, well-rounded undergraduate program based in the traditional arts and sciences and new techniques culminating with a bachelor of science degree.

In addition to the traditional program, the department jointly sponsors, with the School of Education, a baccalaureate program in mathematics and education in which students receive New Jersey Subject Area Certification in Mathematics, a B.S. in Education, and a B.S. in Mathematics.

The Mathematics Department has 12 full-time faculty members and approximately 13 adjunct instructors.

The department provides free peer tutoring in The Mathematics Learning Center.

Mathematics majors at Monmouth University have the opportunity to:

  • interact closely with their professors
  • participate in activities of the department
  • become involved in undergraduate research projects
  • acquire the skills and motivation for lifelong learning
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Christina Venezia

Office Coordinator


James and Marlene Howard Hall, 238