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Department of Mathematics

Placement Exam

About the Exam

The mathematics placement exam is given so that, as a new student to Monmouth University, you can be placed in the appropriate beginning mathematics course. That is to say, the objective of the exam is to put the student on the right track and in the right course depending on the major and placement level. It is in the student’s best interest that we are administering the exam.

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Process for taking the exam – New Freshmen

  1. You will receive instructions in the mail prior to the on-campus Summer Orientation.
  2. If you cannot find your instruction page, please call First Year at 732-571-3458.
  3. If you forgot your username/password or have difficulty activating your account, please call the Help Desk at 732-571-3539.
  4. Follow those instructions, completing the exam during the time period indicated.
  5. Before taking the exam, please review the online Sample Placement Questions.
  6. You will receive the results of the exam when you are on campus for Summer Orientation.

Process for taking the exam – Transfer students

  1. Before taking the exam, please review the online Sample Placement Questions.
  2. Once you have completed the review, please contact using your Hawkmail account requesting to take the exam online.
  3. Within 72 hours, you will be sent instructions for taking the exam.

If you experience technical difficulties while taking the exam, please contact the Help Desk at

Advisors who need to know what the placement score means will find the Math Placement Guide helpful.