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Executive Mentoring Program

Fostering Student Success through Mentoring Engagement

The Executive Mentoring Program (EMP) at the Leon Hess Business School is an exclusive resource for business students that pairs students with industry leaders for mentoring and coaching. The program includes activities that aim to improve students’ market preparedness and career readiness. EMP is comprised of mentors from diverse sectors who are experts in their fields. These mentors are volunteers who have committed to helping students become professionally competent.

How Can Students Benefit from EMP?

Students have access to the executive mentors for career guidance and consultations. In addition to in-person mentoring, students and mentors engage in virtual mentoring through Zoom, email, phone, LinkedIn, and other professional social media platforms.

If you are looking for ways to improve your social and business skills, or if you want to become more competitive in the real world, this program is for you! All you need to invest is dedication and time!

Key Engagement Activities

Resume Development
Interviewing Processes
Career Planning

Mentoring Focus and Stages

Freshman. Group mentoring is encouraged during the freshman year. This stage focuses on establishing rapport, recognizing strengths, exploring career paths, and preparing students for a one-on-one mentoring pairing.
Sophomore: Students are engaged in one-on-one mentoring activities. This stage focuses on setting short and long term goals, identifying activities that support these goals, identifying career choices, reviewing resumes, developing interview skills, and preparing for internships.
Junior: this stage focuses on revisiting short and long term goals, developing sets of activities that accomplish these goals, revisiting career choices, enhancing resume reviews and interview skills, career counseling, networking, and helping students secure internships.
Senior: focuses on counseling students for their career of choice, perfecting resume writing and interviewing skills, networking, shadowing, assisting students in identifying career opportunities, and helping students prepare for job applications.

For more information, please contact Janeth Merkle, assistant dean for Student Engagement, at or 732-571-3483.