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Leon Hess Business School

Mission Statement

The mission of the Leon Hess Business School conforms to the mission of the University.

The Leon Hess Business School (LHBS) is committed to innovative and personalized learning experiences through a community of teachers, scholars and practitioners that provides students with
the skills, knowledge, and ethical values to realize their potential and become contributing members and future leaders in a global society.

Guiding Principles

  1. The LHBS will establish and enhance relationships with business organizations within our market area:
    • To foster collaboration with the faculty;
    • To create employment opportunities for our students; and
    • For potential collaborations for research, teaching, fundraising, and knowledge development.
  2. The LHBS will periodically review current curriculum to ensure it reflects current business practices and marketplace needs.
  3. The LHBS will establish opportunities for increased Alumni engagement for both future and current Alumni for transition and continued Career and Professional Development.
    • To establish an office of Alumni Relations within the Dean’s office
  4. The LHBS will establish a program to increase the international engagement with other schools outside of the US and establish international collaborations to bring international students to the

DEAN: Donald Moliver: