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University Marketing & Communications

Title Name Phone Email
Associate Vice President, University Marketing and Communications Tara Peters 732.263.5690
Assistant to the Vice President, University Marketing & Communications Karen Fitzgerald 732.571.3445
Creative Director James Albers 732-263-5579
Creative Project Manager Vera Towle 732.263.5661
Graphic Designer Jonathan Conner 732.571.3517
Graphic Designer Taylor DiPaolo 732.263.5507
University Photographer Anthony Deprimo 732.571.4490
Digital Content Producer Michael Corsey 732.263.5438
Digital Content Editor Amanda Glatz 732.263.5902
Managing Editor, University Publications Tony Marchetti 732.263.5592
Assistant Editor/Content Producer Breanne McCarthy 732.571.3587
Director, News & Public Affairs Morganne Dudzinski 732.263.5346
Director of Digital Communications Tryon Eggleston 732.263.5337
Web Developer Robert Smith 732.263.5388
Web Developer Steven Grabowski 732.263.5643

Athletics Marketing & Communications

Title Name Phone Email
Associate Athletics Director For Marketing And Sponsorships Eddy Occhipinti 732.263.5750

Instructional Support

Megan Allas from Instructional Support is a free resource for faculty and administration to use for graphic needs. Megan is responsible for creating visual concepts for various applications, including, but not limited to logos, posters, web pages, and e-learning applications. If you have an inquiry, please contact Megan directly.

Title Name Phone Email
Multimedia Design and Development Specialist Megan Allas 732.263.5267