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Request a Project

The University Marketing & Communications Department offers creative consultation and marketing support for projects targeted to external audiences. Project requests must be made via Lytho Workflow, our project management portal. If you are new to Lytho Workflow, please review these helpful resources below.

If your project is targeted to internal audiences, please contact the Digital Print Center at

Helpful Tips for using Lytho Workflow

Getting Started

  • Go to Choose “Log in with SSO” to use your same Monmouth log-in. Alternatively, you may choose a unique Lytho log-in.
  • After you are in the system, be sure to customize your personal settings to select how you want to receive notifications, change your avatar photo, etc.
  • General help with using the system is available by clicking the “?” icon.

Submitting a Request

  • To begin a new request, select the “Requests” icon from the navigation menu on the left. Click “Add Request” in the top right-hand corner of the screen. 
  • For multiple items needed as part of an event or project, please select “Multi-deliverable campaign form”. For one item needed, choose “Single Deliverable form”. Please try to fill out as much information as possible about the project.
  • If you need to modify your request after it was submitted & accepted, you can add new information/attachments by tagging/mentioning @VeraTowle in the comments section in the right-hand column.

Reviewing a Proof

You will receive a notification when a proof is ready to review. Proofs can be reviewed directly in Lytho instead of marking up a PDF and sending via email. Mousing over an icon will explain the function. The option to download or print out the proof is available by selected the 3 bars in the upper left corner. If other people are invited to review as well, their avatar will be visible next to the approval status bar.

Helpful Hints:

There are 3 approval statuses:

  • Approved as is;
  • Approved with changes;
  • Change & Resubmit.

Each page of the document must be approved/reviewed separately. If you have a long document, in some cases it can be easier to select “Approved as is” or “Approved with changes” and then “Apply to all.” This applies the same approval status to all pages. Then, you can to go back to an individual page and mark changes needed on that page.

If the proof is good and doesn’t need any changes, you can select “Approved as is” and “Submit  Review”. If you would like to download a PDF of the proof, choose the 3 bars in the upper left corner. For more information on reviewing proofs, please visit

Mentioning—Comments & Collaboration

It is best to direct any comments to a specific person, by using @person before you type the comment. If there is additional information or attachments that pertain to the project, please attach to a comment in the project request, instead of sending via email. We are trying to keep all collaboration within the project management system, so it is easy to keep track of all comments/changes. For more information about comments & collaborating, visit

We are trying to keep all collaboration within the project management system, so it is easy to keep track of all comments/changes.