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Monmouth’s Timeline: 1980s

The steps of Great Hall become immortalized by Hollywood as Monmouth serves as the backdrop for the 1982 film, “Annie.” And as Monmouth celebrates its 50th anniversary in 1983, the school’s athletics program officially joins Division I.


Former equestrian team members ride horses outside of the Great Hall


Samuel Hays Magill begins term as president and serves until 1993


Monmouth College was the location for the film, “Annie”

New Jersey Governor Brendan Byrne chats with Aileen Quinn during filming of “Annie”

Filming of the movie “Annie” in the Great Hall

Behind-the-scenes photos of “Annie”

Behind-the-scenes photos of “Annie”

Swimming scene filmed in the Great Hall’s pool


Monmouth College celebrates its 50th anniversary

Students wearing 50th anniversary t-shirts

Members of the Class of 1958 attended their 25th reunion


Monmouth College leadership and trustees gather for a photo at Founders’ Day


The Athletics Hall of Fame was established

Rendering of Samuel E. and Mollie Bey Hall at Monmouth College


Former Athletics Director Joe Biedron proudly stands in front of Monmouth Athletics billboard

Student Ellen Brennan ’88 processes at commencement

Historic Great Hall renovations

Excitement about student move-in

Alumni from the 1930s hold reunion in 1988