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Monmouth’s Timeline: 1950s

After acquiring the property deed from Dr. Eugene H. Lehman for $350,000, Monmouth relocates to the Shadow Lawn estate in 1956. That same year, the school is renamed Monmouth College, and awards its first bachelor’s degrees. Learn more about the Shadow Lawn estate and the historic Great Hall.

Late 1940s – Early 1950s

Copies of Monmouth’s yearbooks are archived at the Guggenheim Library; the Alumni House offers alumni the opportunity to sift through editions from almost every year


Men’s Basketball Team 1951-1952


Aerial view of Monmouth Junior College campus


Edward Schlaefer options Shadow Lawn

News about the sale hits the Asbury Park Press

Dr. Eugene H. Lehman signs over the deed to Shadow Lawn estate to Monmouth Junior College for $350,000, with the provision that he serves as president of Monmouth College for one year


From 1956 – 1957, Dr. Eugene Lehman served as the first president of Monmouth College

This plaque honors Monmouth’s founding Board of Trustees; pictured on the right is Edward Schlaefer’s daughter, Nancy Bruch ’58, who continues to be an active member of the alumni association


Edward G. Schlaefer becomes president of Monmouth College and serves through 1962

1957 - Edward Schlaefer

Monmouth’s first commencement was held on Shadow Lawn


Monmouth College awards its first four-year bachelor’s degrees and changes its name from “Monmouth Junior College” to “Monmouth College”

Two tickets reading "Twenty-fourth Annual Commencement Exercises; Saturday, June Seventh, 10:30 a.m.; Monmouth College; West Long Branch, New Jersey." One ticket says "Admit One", while the other states "This card will admit bearer if the weather conditions permit outdoor ceremony"

Tickets for 1958’s commencement at Monmouth College


Telegram from President of the United States, Dwight D. Eisenhower, congratulating Monmouth on its 25th anniversary.

Students enjoying social events during the summer of ’59.