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Monmouth’s Timeline: 1940s

The state of New Jersey Board of Education awards the college full accreditation and, according to “The Ballad of Monmouth Junior College,” gives it “life anew.” In 1948, the first associate degrees are awarded to 100 students—the largest class in the college’s history.


Monmouth Junior College Men’s Basketball Team during the academic year. L-R Front Row: Gene Masco, Dick Rogers, Frank Cioffi, Moe Fribaum and Ivan Ware. Middle Row: Garry Penta, Bill Custer, Bill Taylor, Brad Parker, and Al Kroner. Back Row: Coach Art Brown, Russ Wilder, Stanley Wolpin and Donald Mayer.


The Monmouth Junior College brochure highlights academic programs and campus life activities of the 1940s

Overview of Monmouth Junior College

Monmouth Junior College admission requirements

Monmouth boasts training in radio, public speaking, and student life activities

Monmouth’s equestrian team takes a stroll on campus

The college markets engineering degrees for men and business training in stenography for women

Monmouth offers a variety of science-oriented programs in the 1940s, while highlighting the use of industry technologies like the micro-projector


Monmouth was accredited to award associate’s degrees


Students enjoy faculty-led class discussion about the ‘psychology of personality’