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  • Applying for an F-1 Visa

    The deadline for international transfer students is the same as domestic transfers, which is July 15 for fall applicants and November 1 for spring applicants.

    In addition to meeting the standard requirements for admission, international students must also complete the following steps:

    Complete the Application for Form I-20 and Affidavit of Financial Support, which is to be notarized. This document is essential in order to receive a student visa (F-1), which allows the student to study in the U.S. Certified evidence that there are adequate funds to meet all expenses during the first year of study must be present. This is part of the Form I-20.

    Examples of financial documents are:

    • Bank statements no more than 60 days old
    • A letter from an employer stating proof of employment
    • Tax returns

    If a transfer student’s status is F-1, and the student has attended an American college or university and wants to transfer to Monmouth, he or she will need to submit a transcript as well as an F-1 Transfer Request form.

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