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Eastern box turtles

Watch: Summer Research on Ghost Forests, Eastern Box Turtles

Congratulations to all of the Monmouth University School of Science students and faculty members who completed another successful season of its Summer Research Program. Take a peek below at two hands-on projects by Marine and Environmental Biology and Policy (MEBP) Program students and faculty. The UCI supported students working on these projects with grants through its Heidi Lynn Sculthorpe Scholars Program.

Restoring Jersey Shore Ghost Forests

MEBP senior Emma Gould worked with Professor Pedram Daneshgar to develop strategies for restoring coastal forests following salt flooding events. Utilizing a greenhouse experiment, the team simulated flood and determine which plants will help in restoring a maritime forest ecosystem.

Tracking Eastern Box Turtles in Monmouth County

Assistant Professor of Wildlife Ecology Sean Sterrett and his students analyzed the population and spatial ecology of local eastern box turtles at Weltz Park in Ocean Township. The team was able to locate and tag a sizable population of turtles, despite the park’s location in the center of a densely developed neighborhood.