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Erlanger Gardens

Monmouth University

Sustainability Advisory Council

Who We Are

The Sustainability Advisory Council (SAC) is an interdisciplinary group made up of faculty, administrators, staff, and students. The mission of SAC is to promote environmental awareness through education and outreach, along with proposing, researching, and recommending energy and sustainability policies for the University to implement. The SAC also reviews current practices, policies, and procedures, and recommends actions that will positively impact the sustainability of the Monmouth University campus.

We are very proud of our beautiful campus and community. Our campus provides one of the largest and last open spaces in the area. Our actions also impact two adjacent waterways, Whale Pond Brook and Lake Takanassee. It is important to recognize that each individual and every action influences these delicate systems with the sustainability of our campus and of the global environment. There is always more work to be done!

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Top Initiatives of the Sustainability Council

  • Increase renewable energy on campus (focusing on solar power)
  • Distinguish and emphasize importance of recycling and waste bins on campus
  • Creating more green spaces around campus