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Top 10 Things Every Student Employee Should Know

  1. All student employees are responsible for being familiar with the information in the Student Employment Handbook. Copies are also located in the Student Employment Office.
  2. While classes are in session:
    • Full-time undergraduates may work up to 20 hours maximum per week.
    • Full-time graduate students may work up to 26 hours maximum per week (as of August 26, 2013).
    • Full-time international students may work up to 20 hours maximum per week.
    • Part-time students have limited work hours based on the number of credits for which they are registered. See pages 9-10 in the Student Employment Handbook for details.
    • During the summer, winter and spring breaks all registered students may work up to 26 hours per week.
  3. Make sure your work hours do not occur during class time. Verify that work hours are only submitted once for payment. Take one half-hour break when working 8 or more hours consecutively.
  4. Verify and submit your online time sheet on time on a bi-weekly basis. Adhering to University payroll deadlines and procedures is imperative if you wish to receive your paycheck on time. Please use the link to see the payroll schedule. Copies are also located in the Student Employment Office.
  5. Be on time. When late or absent, call or send an e-mail to your direct supervisor as soon as possible before the beginning of your shift. Give your supervisor as much time as possible to arrange for someone else to cover your position.
  6. Complete job duties as assigned and do not conduct personal business at work (homework, e-mails, phone calls/cell phone calls, web use, etc.) unless first approved by your supervisor.
  7. Act and dress professionally. Ask your supervisor if you are unclear about the dress code required by the office.
  8. If you hold more than one job on campus, make sure your hours for both jobs don’t overlap. Student employees are expected to plan academic, personal, and work schedules that do not conflict.
  9. Monitor your Federal Work Study earnings to ensure that you do not exceed the maximum award amount. Keep track of your earnings.
  10. Always do your job to the best of your ability! If you have to resign from your position for any reason, please inform your supervisor at least one week in advance so that a replacement may be hired.