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Cross-Gen Podcast Series Episodes

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Cross-Gen Podcast Series Episodes

Listen to Our Interesting and Moving Episodes!

Each episode features a specific topic and includes an interview with one or two people from the LGBT+ community.

Note: Depending on the topic, although unlikely, some may experience discomfort. Please remember you can choose which episode(s) to listen to and you can exit the podcast at any time.

Please use this link to access the Cross-Gen Pride podcast episodes:

Episode Listing:

The Pilot: Learn about the LGBT+ Older Adult Project. Narrated by Co-hosts Chelsea Smith and Dominique Lengyel.

Episode 1: Interview with Bob Smith (age 63 ). Bob, an employee at Monmouth University, shares with us his journey of grief and loss as he talks about life with his husband Tom, Tom’s chronic health issues, and recent death.

Episode 2: Interview with Graeme Davis & Cameron Mazzeo. Graeme (age 63) and Cameron (age 32) talk about their life experiences as trans men.

Episode 3: Interview with Jonathan Lucas & Michael DeLucas. Jonathan (age 63 ) and Michael (age 36) share their histories of living with HIV.