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Cross-Gen Pride Podcast Series

LGBT+ Older Adult Project
Cross-Gen Pride Podcast Series

Welcome to Cross-Gen Pride, a podcast series created by the Monmouth University School of Social Work’s LGBT+ Older Adult Project.

In each episode we hear unique personal stories from LGBT+ people within our communities. Through conversation our goal is to increase understanding and bridge the gap between generations. The podcast series has been hosted by student interns and student volunteers Chelsea Smith, Dominique Lengyel, Mars Graves, and Becca Mohr.

Cross-Gen Podcast Series Episodes

Listen to Our Interesting and Moving Episodes!

Each episode features a specific topic and includes an interview with one or two people from the LGBT+ community.

Note: Depending on the topic, although unlikely, some may experience discomfort. Please remember you can choose which episode(s) to listen to and you can exit the podcast at any time.

Please use this link to access the Cross-Gen Pride podcast episodes:

Episode Listing:

The Pilot: Learn about the LGBT+ Older Adult Project. Narrated by Co-hosts Chelsea Smith and Dominique Lengyel.

Episode 1: Interview with Bob Smith (age 63 ). Bob shares with us his journey of grief and loss as he talks about life with his husband Tom, Tom’s chronic health issues, and recent death. Narrated by Co-hosts Chelsea Smith and Dominique Lengyel.

Episode 2: Interview with Graeme Davis & Cameron Mazzeo. Graeme (age 63) and Cameron (age 32) talk about their life experiences as trans men. Narrated by Co-hosts Chelsea Smith and Dominique Lengyel.

Episode 3: Interview with Jonathan Lucas & Michael DeLucas. Jonathan (age 63 ) and Michael (age 36) share their histories of living with HIV. Narrated by Co-hosts Chelsea Smith and Dominique Lengyel.

Podcast Mini-Series: Coming Out Stories & Lived Experiences

The following episodes will feature individual coming out stories across generations.

Episode 4: Interview with Carolyn Bradley (age 67) who shares her coming out stories as a lesbian. Narrated by Co-hosts Chelsea Smith and Dominique Lengyel.

Episode 5: Interview with Riley Keenan (age 53) who shares his coming out stories as a trans man. Narrated by Co-hosts Chelsea Smith and Dominique Lengyel.

Episode 6: Interview with Damon (age 21) who shares his coming out stories as a gay man. Narrated by Co-hosts Chelsea Smith and Dominique Lengyel.

Episode 7: Interview with Holly (age 21) who shares her coming out stories as a lesbian. Narrated by Co-hosts Chelsea Smith and Dominique Lengyel.

Episode 8: Interview with Gordon (age 69) , a retired educator and active volunteer in the LGBT+ community. Narrated by Host Chelsea Smith.


Podcast Mini-Series: Advocacy, Education, and Information Podcasts

Episode A: Interview with Reva Farenback-Brateman, MSW, CDP of Jewish Family & Children’s Service of Southern New Jersey. Reva runs the “LGBT Aging with Pride” monthly discussion group. The only group of its kind in South Jersey, this program offers a welcoming atmosphere for LGBT older adults to share their experiences, build relationships, and discuss issues like discrimination and social isolation. Narrated by Co-hosts Chelsea Smith and Becca Mohr.

Episode B: Interview with Randi Goldberg, Senior Resource Specialist at Archer Brogan, LLP. Randi joined the team at Archer Brogan in February 2020.  Her vast background in elder care has included home care, both assisted living and long term care facilities, and representing ancillary equipment to improve the lives of older adults.  Randi is truly an advocate for supporting older adults and uses her knowledge to guide clients through the myriad of care choices available and to ensure their senior loved ones are getting the best possible services. Randi credits her mom, whom she says was a strong, confident pillar of the family, for giving her the patience and empathy she brings to the table when families turn to her for help.

Raised in Highland Park and currently living in South Brunswick, Randi is a member of BW Nice, Caring Connections and co-founder of Straight Talk, a weekly educational networking group developed to engage and encourage fellow professionals to discuss and share resources and ideas relevant to today’s changing environment. Randi’s Words of WisdomFamilies can so often be misguided when seeking elder care solutions.  Knowledge, experience and integrity are the skills you should seek in order to trust those you engage to help.  Narrated by Host Mars Graves.

Episode C: Interview with Robyn Kohn, MA, CDP, CMDCP and Nicolette Vasco, MSW, LSW, CNP of the  Alzheimer’s Association Greater NJ. Robyn is the Director of Programs & Services, holds an MA in Educational Psychology, and is credentialed in medical education. She is a Certified Dementia Care Practitioner (CDP), Certified Montessori Dementia Care Professional (CMDCP), and is a lecturer with over 25 years of healthcare and medical education experience across public and private health sectors.  In her position Robyn leads multi-factorial program initiatives to address unmet needs supporting education solutions for care providers and communities. She also directs dementia-related disorders and Alzheimer’s disease community and education programs, care and support services, caregiver support groups, early stage social engagement programs, and community partnerships.

Nicolette was the Alzheimer’s Association Greater NJ Program Coordinator from 2016 through early 2022.  In her role Nicolette coordinated community education programs and provided oversight for volunteer recruitment, training, and coordination. She managed Volunteer Support Group Facilitators for caregiver support groups and Volunteer Community Educators for consumer education programs. Nicolette presented in community education programs and developed community outreach activities and partnerships in  senior care sectors to extend the reach of service delivery. Nicolette is a graduate of the Rutgers University School of Social Work. Narrated by Co-hosts Mars Graves and Becca Mohr.

Special Note: At the Alzheimer’s Association, diversity is integral to their mission and vital to their vision of a world without Alzheimer’s disease. In 2022 they launched an LGBTQ+ Older Adults Steering Committee for New Jersey.

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Meet the Co-Hosts

Chelsea Smith served as co-host from fall 2020- spring 2022.  Chelsea received her B.A. in English from Kean University in 2019 and earned her MSW from Monmouth University in 2022. In the 2020/2021 academic year Chelsea completed her generalist field placement as an intern with the LGBT+ Older Adult Project in our MSW program. She initiated the podcast series in 2020 and remained a devoted co-host and volunteer for the podcast series in several key ways- as co-host and as editor of all the podcast episodes. Thanks Chelsea for your commitment and service!

Dominique Lengyel served as co-host from fall 2020- summer 2021. Dominique finished her junior year (as a Social Work major and Musical Theater minor) at Monmouth University. Initially an intern with our podcast series she continued as a volunteer serving as co-host with Chelsea Smith through the summer of 2021. Dominique has always been a proud advocate and member of the LGBT+ community. Thank you Dominique for your past work as co-host!

Mars Graves served as co-host from fall 2021- winter 2022. Mars is a proud alum of Monmouth University and in his first year of our MSW program interned with the LGBT+ Older Adult Project for the 2021 fall semester. One of his roles was as co-host/host for some of our podcast episodes. Thank you for your help Mars!

Special thanks to Dana Seigelstein for tech guidance! Dana graduated from Virginia Tech in 2019 with a degree in Multimedia Journalism. Employed at a media company in New York she specializes in digital advertising. She loves to podcast herself and enjoys helping others discover how easy it is to share knowledge through podcasting!