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  • Information for Current Students

    Current students are encouraged to check out the resources below for tutoring and guidance in the CSSE curriculum:

    • CS-SE-IT Tutoring Lab 
      One-on-one tutoring is available for students needing help with Computer Science(CS), Software Engineering (SE), or Information Technology (IT) course content.
    • Tutoring and Writing Services
      One-on-one tutoring is available for students needing help with course content or writing assignments in any class.
    • Experiential Education for CSSE
      Important information is included about satisfying the Ex Ed requirement for CSSE.

    Additional services for current students are listed below:

    • CSSE Help Pages
      This wiki provides a comprehensive Q-and-A section about UNIX accounts, student web page development, Linux labs, tools for programming courses, and remote access (on- and off-campus).
    • The CSSE Gitlab Site
      This gitlab installation can be used for students' course-related programming projects.