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School of Education Student Scholarship Exhibition Fall 2021

School of Education Student Scholarship Exhibition

Posters with the gold star “SJ” icon, a Social Justice designation, indicate scholarship that promotes one of the following areas: Awareness, Advocacy, Activism.

Experiential Education/Clinical Practice Reflections

This includes critical reflection of fieldwork experiences through internship opportunities and clinical practice placements. Posters include reflection on the site, clients/students, assignments/role, as well as what the presenter learned through the experience and a reflection on how they impacted their site.

Directions: Please click or tap each display to fully download each poster presentation so you can view and hear the entire presentation.

Completed Research or Research in Progress

This includes scholarly research that is either in the data collection process without final results or research that has been completed. This can include scholarship conducted for honors theses, class projects that utilize the research process, faculty/student research collaborations, and independent research.