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  • Graduate P-3 Endorsement in Early Childhood Education


    'Peaceful children create a peaceful world'…… Maria Montessori

    Early childhood education is where the future of education lays… it is where the employment opportunities in teaching are…and it is where the chance to change the future becomes possible.

    The Early Childhood program is a nationally recognized program that is offered 100% online; it is designed to provide expertise in creating developmentally appropriate assessment and instruction in literacy, language development, numeracy, and content areas, designing curriculum and collaborating with families and colleagues in preschool through grade 3 settings, with a strong focus on diverse cultural and linguistic settings.

    You must be a certified teacher or hold a NJ Certificate of Eligibility (CE) Preschool Through Grade 3 (P-3) and be employed in a P-3 position requiring certification.

    Graduate Endorsement in Early Childhood: 13 credits/ 4 classes total

    EDL 502 Development and Learning in Early Childhood 3 Credits
    EDL 521 Early Childhood Family, School and Community Collaboration in a Diverse Society 3 Credits
    EDL 522 Early Literacy and Language Development 3 Credits
    EDL 560 Early Childhood Curriculum Assessment for Inclusive Environments 4 Credits

    If you take and pass the Praxis II for Early Childhood Education while enrolled at Monmouth University, we will apply to the NJDOE for your endorsement for you after you have successfully completed your 13 credit course of study. For more information on the Praxis II, visit their web-site at

    Our program is NCATE approved and is in direct alignment with all of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) standards.

    Who would be most interested in this program?

    Candidates for this program are certified teachers who wish to change the focus of their work to children in the early childhood years. There is an abundance of brain research that is pointing to the fact that the brain is most malleable when children are very young. Most of the architecture of the brain is done by the age of 5. We need to work with children and their parents to make the most of their very early years.

    P-3 candidates are teachers are typically high-energy, very patient, and joyful individuals!

    This is the program for you if you really want to change the world, one child at a time.

    Career Opportunities

    • Pre-school Teacher...Private School
    • Pre-school Teacher…Public School
    • P-3 Teacher Public School
    • Early Intervention Specialist
    • Head Start Coordinator
    • Parent Educator

    What is the new P-3 Certificate?

    P-3 is the newest teaching certificate available in the State of New Jersey. This certificate covers preschool through grade 3.


    What is the P-3 Specialized Pedagogy?

    The P-3 specialized pedagogy is the formal instruction necessary to prepare candidates to teach at the P-3 level. This formal instruction includes broad topics of child development and learning, understanding the family, and curriculum and assessment.

    Helpful Links:

    NAEYC - The National Association for the Education of Young Children

    NJICCP - The New Jersey Inclusive Child Care Project

    Apply Online

    "Attending Monmouth University and being a part of the Early Childhood, P-3 program has been a wonderful experience for me. I learned a great deal about creating and implementing age appropriate curriculum, assessments, and managing behaviors during this crucial part of child development. The program gave me the confidence to collaborate with families and other professionals in the field today."   Nicole Benak

    "Monmouth University's Early Childhood program provided me with a hands-on learning experience that allowed me to see firsthand how young children learn through play, the importance of promoting independence, and how children construct their own knowledge using their five senses. This program enabled me to observe the importance of providing children with a safe, welcoming environment and taught me the skills needed to support young children's physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development. As a result of my studies in this program, I feel confident that I have the knowledge and experience to work with young children!"   Jennifer Rosenblum


     For Information Contact:

    Kerry Carley Rizzuto
    Assistant Professor and P-3 Program Coordinator
    (732) 923-4619
    McAllan Hall, Office 128