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  • Facilities Reservation Information for Staff and Faculty Members

    Virtual EMS

    The Office of Conference Services and Special Events utilizes the Event Management System (EMS) software to manage ALL space on campus. Our Virtual EMS feature allows you to check room availability and schedule meeting space via the web. You can find our Virtual EMS system at

    To reserve space.....

    1. Visit

    2. Login using your LDAP credentials under the "Reservations" tab

    3. From the homepage, you can select the appropriate template under "Schedule a Room". Currently we have 3 templates available - with more to follow! Descriptions for each template are under each one

    4. Once on the correct template, you can start to enter you meeting or space requirements on the left side of the screen and then submit to search for available matches

    5. You can then move to the "Details" tab to enter important information about your event. This will help move the request through our workflow. 

    6. PARKING - Please note that if you have more than 10 people attending a meeting from off campus (including MU community members who are returning to campus outside of their normal work hours), please answer the question as YES. These requests are filtered through our MUPD Parking Services Department for review and management. If you have questions about whether or not your event will require parking approval, please contact Andrea Van Note in MUPD to discuss your meeting with her.

    7. Submit your request once complete and you will receive a confirmation that your request has been submitted and waiting approval

    8. Requests are received in the order they are submitted into the Virtual EMS system. Space is confirmed when you receive a Confirmation from the Central Scheduler - this may take some time based on the details of your request and the necessary approvals required for each meeting and/or event

    9. We encourage you to return to our Virtual EMS to manage all of your reservation requests.

    • Simply log back into EMS, enter the "Requests" section.
    • Select "View My Requests." The status of your request will be displayed.
    • You can print this page for confirmation, as well.

    We must advise departments and offices that submitting a Room Request does not ensure that the space is available. It may be necessary for offices and departments to modify their searches based on the availability of rooms. Please be aware that departments at times may be asked to shift into another meeting space to better accommodate the University’s overall needs for meeting space.


    When planning an event on campus, please be sure to refer to the 5 Easy Steps in Planning and Event on Campus.

    Arrangements should be made with appropriate University departments for support services including, but not limited to:


    If you or your department/office will be co-sponsoring an event, please complete the Co-Sponsorship Form and return to the Office of Conference Services and Special Events. Please remember that all room reservations for co-sponsored events must be submitted through the Virtual EMS System and will not be confirmed until all paperwork is received by the Office of Conference Services and Special Events.

    Should you have any questions regarding the EMS system, please call the Office of Central Scheduling at x2199.

    If you need further guidance when planning an event on campus, please contact the Office of Conference Services and Special Events at x3473.