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  • Facilities Reservation Information for Staff and Faculty Members

    The Online Central Scheduling Process

    The Office of Conference Services and Special Events offers Event Management Systems (EMS) software for staff and faculty members to reserve rooms on campus. EMS allows you to check room availability and schedule meeting space from the same Web page.

    • To check the availability of an on-campus room, go to the online Room Request page at
    • You will need to login using the "My Account" option.
    • Once logged in, you can check availability for a specific date, building, and room by using the "Browse for Space" option available in the "Browse" section.
    • After locating a space that appears to be available—and, if applicable, that parking is available—you must complete the "Room Request" in the "Request" section.
    • If you do not have a room preference, please complete the "Room Request" form to determine which rooms are available.

      A detailed training EMS training sheets is available here: (Online Central Scheduling System Information)

    You also can check on pending requests through the same request page:

    • Simply log back into EMS, enter the "Requests" section.
    • Select "View My Requests." The status of your request will be displayed.
    • You can print this page for confirmation, as well.

    Scheduling of rooms is completed in the order in which the requests are received. If the space you are reserving is available, your request will be processed and the reservation will be confirmed on the EMS software within 3 business days. If a conflict exists, you will be contacted by the Office of Conference Services and Special Events.

    We must advise departments and offices that submitting a Room Request does not ensure that the space is available. It may be necessary for offices and departments to modify their searches based on the availability of rooms. Please be aware that departments at times may be asked to shift into another meeting space to better accommodate the University’s overall needs for meeting space.


    When planning an event on campus, please be sure to refer to the 5 Easy Steps in Planning and Event on Campus.

    Arrangements should be made with appropriate University departments for support services including, but not limited to:


    If you or your department/office will be co-sponsoring an event, please complete the Co-Sponsorship Form and return to the Office of Conference Services & Special Events. Any room reservations for co-sponsored events will not be confirmed until all paperwork is received by the Office of Conference Services and Special Events.

    Should you have any questions regarding the EMS system, please call the Office of Central Scheduling at x2199.

    If you need further guidance when planning an event on campus, please contact the Office of Conference Services & Special Events at x3473.