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Facilities Reservation Information for Students

MU Student Clubs and Organizations (including Fraternity and Sorority Life Organizations)

Organizations may request the use of space for a meeting, event, community service activity, etc. by completing the Student Activities Request Form. This form will be reviewed by a member of the Student Activities team and they will be in contact with you directly regarding your request.

Reserving Study Space

Students in need of a space on campus for individual or group study can reserve space directly through our Event Management System (EMS). Please visit our online reservation system to complete the Student Study Space template. You can browse for available space on campus or search availability for a specific room.

Please be advised some study spaces may only be available at certain times during the day (ie: Student Center Rooms 202A and 202B are only reservable for study space after 5pm Monday through Friday). Rooms reservations are limited to 2 hour blocks to ensure access for our entire student body.

Should you have any questions or experiencing challenges reserving space, please contact Central Scheduling at 732-571-2199.

Class Project – Event

If there is a course requirement that includes planning and producing an event, we have compiled some helpful information below to help guide you through the process.

1. Approval – All events must be first approved by the faculty member for the course. If funds are required to support the event, the event must be approved by the Chair of the Department who will designate a budget line to support the event. If you are unsure of whether or not your event will require funding support, please see the list of support services required by most events on campus.

2. Support Services

  • Space Reservation – Please contact the Office of Conference Services at with the subject line of – Class Project Event Request. Your request should include the name of your event, proposed dates (please provide more than one), time and the location you would like to host the event on campus. A member of our CSSE team will be in contact with you regarding availability of space and assist with necessary space reservations. Please note that your reservation request should include time prior to and after your event for University set-up, time for your team to set-up and breakdown following the event.
  • Facilities Management – Events traditionally require special set-ups, the altering of space, and trade support (electrician, plumber, carpenter, etc). If your event requires a special set-up or if a space needs to be altered to accommodate your program, please submit a SchoolDude work order at
  • Monmouth University Police Department and Parking Office – Events on campus require the support of our MUPD police officers to help with security and parking. Please contact Captain Dean Volpe at to determine if your event requires a police officer to be present or if parking support is required. If you are required to hire police officers for your event, you can do so by completing the Request For Police Officer form.
  • Catering Services – Gourmet Dining is the University’s exclusive food service and catering provider on campus. If you require food and beverage at your event, you can review menu options and place an order via their E-Cater site. Should you have questions about possible catering options, please contact Katherine Watts, Senior Catering Director, at
  • Multimedia Services – Be sure to visit your event space early on and assess what media equipment is built-into the space. If you need alternate or additional multimedia equipment, please submit a Helpdesk Ticket at Please be sure to include: Name of your Event, Date, Time and Equipment requested. If your event requires the support of a technician to control sound and lighting (for all Pollak Theatre events), please be sure to request this in your helpdesk ticket. Not sure? You can also send a general inquiry about equipment to the Helpdesk and our Media Services team will be in contact to help guide you.
  • Fundraiser – Is your event a fundraiser? All events held on campus will a purpose to raise funds for a particular cause or organization must be approved by University Advancement. Please contact Delaine Sarraf, Executive Assistant to the Vice President for University Advancement at to request authorization to hold a fundraising event on campus.
  • Staffing/Volunteers – You will most likely require the support of classmates, friends or general volunteers to help with your event. Be sure to contact outreach early to those who you will need to help run your event.

3. Budget Development – After connecting with the above support services, you can begin to develop your budget and determine what funding support will be needed from the department. You will need account code information to complete several of the online forms above – or ask the personnel in your department to assist with completing the forms.

4. Event Planning – No two events are the same but know that the University is well equipped to support a wide-variety of events on campus. If you are having challenges getting started or need advice on how best to utilize your space, please reach out to the Office of Conference and Special Events at We would be happy to meet with you to provide guidance and suggestions!

5. Evaluation and Closet Out – At the conclusion of your event, it will be important to evaluate the overall success of your event. Did you meet your goals or target for the event? Be sure to identify which measurement components you will need to assess in order to determine if your event was a success. You should also be sure to get final invoices from all support services utilized for your event and reconcile those with your budget and your faculty member and/or the personnel who assisted you in your academic department.

Good luck and happy planning!