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Scholarship Week 2023 – Monday Events

HawkTalks-Reception-Poster Expo

10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. | Anacon Hall

Hawk Talks showcase student work through poster presentations and five-minute TED-talk style presentations. A reception and poster expo opening will follow.

2023 Hawk Talks

  1. Diederik Boonman Morales – Microbial Community Composition Analysis in Coastal Lakes of New Jersey
  2. Cristianna Cardinale – It Starts Within: Importance of Mindfulness For Student Well-Being
  3. Emma Cusano – Phantom Forests: The Impact of Saltwater Encroachment on Coastal Forest Ecosystems
  4. Emily Loscialpo & Emma Cooper – AI as an Additional Tool to Foster Curiosity, Questioning Abilities and Creativity
  5. Carlee Miglorisi – Bruce Songs
  6. Emilia Porier – Mentoring Beyond Borders: Outreach to Students at Bulacan State University, Philippines
  7. Julian Rebelo – A Call to Action: Create Forensic Sex-Estimation Methods That Include Transgender and Gender-Diverse Individuals
  8. Sydney Strickland – Examining if Crisis Intervention Team Training Improves Officer Confidence in Communicating with Emotionally Disturbed Persons While in the Field
  9. Hana Vozzo – Identity and Belonging: An Intersectional Study of Nella Larson’s Passing and Quicksand

Multidisciplinary Poster Expo – All Schools, Departments and Programs

All Day | Anacon Hall | Virtual Poster Expo

Members of the 2023 Student Scholarship Committee representing each of Monmouth University’s Schools selected approximately 10 posters per school to represent the diversity, range and quality of research and scholarship done by our students. These posters will remain on display throughout the week.

School of Humanities and Social Sciences – Music & Theatre – Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind

TBD, April 17 | Woods Theatre

MU Players production of Too Much Light Make the Baby Go Blind

School of Education – Spring 2023 Virtual Scholarship Exhibition

All Day | Click here to visit Exhibition

Highlighting student research, providing an opportunity for students across the university to think about research and how it improves our respective fields, and to recognize and appreciate the work of student peers. Viewers will have an opportunity to vote for the best presentation in several categories.

School of Humanities and Social Sciences – Art & Design – Climate Crisis Installation

All Day | Sculpture Garden & 600 Courtyard

AR-218, Sculpture II, created an installation as part of their collaboration with the Climate Teach In.

School of Humanities and Social Sciences – Art & Design – Senior Show

All Day | DiMattio & Ice House Galleries

Presenting a representative sample of each graduating senior’s best work, including drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, silk-screening, book arts, graphic design, motion graphics, and animation.

School of Nursing and Health Studies – Health & P.E. – Teaching Episodes Taught by Student Peers

10:05 – 11:25 a.m. | Boylan Gym

Stop by to participate in an active Target Reaction Games teaching session.

School of Humanities and Social Sciences – Communication – Breaking News – Consuming Media from a Critical Intercultural Lens

2:50 – 4:10 p.m. | Plangere 236

Presentations and discussion by students of CO226 – Intercultural Communication of a selection of recent national news events. Students will bring a critical intercultural lens to their investigation, and provide an overview of the importance of developing and utilizing effective intercultural communication skills in their everyday lives.