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Date Region Title
04/24/2018 New Jersey Cavalcade of Governors 2018
04/19/2018 New Jersey Legal Weed Seen as Economic Boon
04/16/2018 New Jersey Democrats in Good Position to Nab Republican House Seats
04/12/2018 New Jersey Menendez in Strong Position Despite Trial Baggage
04/11/2018 New Jersey Murphy Starts Term With Higher Ratings Than Prior Govs
12/05/2017 Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Virginia 2017 Mid-Atlantic Coast Survey
12/05/2017 Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia 2017 Mid-Atlantic Coastal Policy
11/01/2017 New Jersey Murphy Holds Steady Lead
10/26/2017 New Jersey NJ Sandy Panel: Long-Term Toll on Mental Health
10/25/2017 New Jersey NJ Sandy Panel: Still Dissatisfied With Recovery
10/03/2017 New Jersey Murphy Leads Guadagno by 14
07/31/2017 New Jersey Mixed Views on Quality of Life
07/12/2017 New Jersey Murphy Has Big Lead Over Guadagno
07/10/2017 New Jersey Choice Words for “Beachgate”
10/28/2016 New Jersey NJ Sandy Panel: Slow Progress Four Years Later
06/09/2016 New Jersey Voters Support Requiring State Pension Payments…Except When They Don’t
06/06/2016 New Jersey Christie Rating At Record Low
06/02/2016 New Jersey Voters Split on Casino Expansion
05/31/2016 New Jersey Clinton Holds Narrow Lead Over Trump in General Election
05/05/2016 New Jersey Many GOP Voters See Christie as a Drag on Trump Ticket
05/04/2016 New Jersey Clinton Holds Huge Primary Edge
10/29/2015 New Jersey NJ Sandy Panel: Many Still Need Money to Rebuild Damaged Homes
10/28/2015 New Jersey NJ Sandy Panel: Dissatisfaction with Recovery Effort Persists
07/30/2015 New Jersey State Rating at Record Low
07/07/2015 New Jersey Obama Ratings Up, Senators Down