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Peace Corps Volunteer Prep Program

Projects: Community Economic Development

Community Economic Development

Help communities lift themselves. Volunteers work with banks, nongovernmental organizations, and municipalities to strengthen infrastructure and encourage economic opportunities in communities. They frequently teach in classroom settings and work with entrepreneurs and business owners to develop and market their products. Some Volunteers also teach basic computer skills and help communities take advantage of technologies such as e-commerce, distance learning, and more.

Community Economic Development Projects

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Here’s What You Will Need To Study …

If you choose Community Economic Dev., take 3 courses from one of the following areas:

Note: Some courses have prerequisites.Your adviser can assist you with appropriate course sequences.

Accounting, Economics, and Finance:

  • BA 251: Principles of Financial Accounting
  • BA 252: Principles of Managerial Accounting
  • BE 201: Microeconomics
  • BE 202: Macroeconomics
  • BF 301: Principles of Finance

Business, Marketing, Management, and International Business:

  • BK 250: Principles of Marketing
  • BM 250: Principles of Management & Organizational Behavior
  • BM 434: Small Business Management/Marketing
  • BM 451: Entrepreneurship
  • BM 471: Global Management

Computer Science and related majors:

  • Any three CS courses

Graphic Design:

  • AR 113: Basic Design and Composition
  • AR 114: Basic Design and Color
  • AR 116: Three-Dimensional Design
  • AR 172: Introduction to Digital Design
  • AR 177: Introduction to Digital Design for Non-Art Majors
  • AR 178: Web Studio
  • AR 243: History of Graphic Design
  • AR 269: Graphic Design Studio I
  • AR 270: Graphic Design Studio II
  • AR 273: Digital Illustration
  • AR 278: Computer Graphics 2 for the Non-Art Major
  • AR 371: Graphic Design Studio III

Mass Communications:

  • CO 155: Media Literacy
  • CO 211: Introduction to Journalism
  • CO 224: Introduction to Mass Communication
  • CO 225: Business and Professional Communication
  • CO 292: Communication Research Methods
  • CO 311: Communication Ethics
  • CO 380: Organizational Communication

… and Build 50 Hours of Related Field Experience through an Activity such as:

  • Working with businesses, organizations, or cooperatives in accounting, finance, microfinance, management, project management, budgeting, or marketing
  • Starting and running your own business or other entrepreneurial activity
  • Training others in computer literacy, maintenance, and repair
  • Website design or online marketing
  • Founding or leading a community- or school-based organization
  • Below are some examples for related volunteer experience at MU:

  • Tax Preparation Volunteer — Training is provided by the Monmouth and Ocean County Food Bank. Students can help people in need prepare and file their taxes from January through April.
  • SCAN — Senior Citizens Activities Network in Eatontown, NJ. Students volunteer with SCAN’s Digital Aging Mastery Program, which aims to connect senior citizens with their family, friends and communities through technology.