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Who can participate?

Good students with a sense of adventure and a desire to improve the world.

We encourage students across disciplines and schools to apply.

Let us evaluate your transcript. You might be surprised how many of your courses may already make you eligible for certification.

Peace Corps

The Peace Corps seeks to “help the people of interested countries in meeting their need for trained [people], to help promote a better understanding of Americans .., [and] to help promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of Americans.”

The Peace Corps Volunteer Prep Program (PCVPP) is a special program, based upon formal cooperative agreement between Monmouth University and the Peace Corps.

It is the first and only such program in New Jersey.

Our goals in developing this program are:

  1. To encourage our students to consider serving in the Peace Corps as a means of becoming cross-culturally informed, engaged, and active citizens in our increasingly globalized world;
  2. To prepare our students to be competitive in the process for applying to the Peace Corps and other work that focuses on being engaged and active citizens;
  3. To encourage our students to think strategically about the combination of academic study, experiential learning, and their careers after graduation.

Through Peace Corps Prep we provide a built-in process through which we can encourage you, the students, to move beyond your personal comfort zone into challenging and meaningful work that serves the common good.

Project Details:

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Phone: 732-263-5493

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Frank D. Ciprani,
Plangere 124
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