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NJ Transit Online Student Pass FAQ

What is NJ TRANSIT Online Student Pass?

NJ TRANSIT Online Student Pass provides full-time undergraduate and graduate students with a 25% discount on already discounted monthly passes for NJ TRANSIT bus, rail and light rail systems.

Is this program for any undergraduate or graduate student in New Jersey?

No. Colleges and universities must join the Student Pass program first before students can buy a Student Pass online.  For a list of the participating colleges and universities, go to and click on ‘Student Pass’ under ‘Ticketing’.

Are all students able to buy a Student Pass?

Full-time undergraduate and graduate students at participating institutions are eligible. (Monmouth University is a participating institution)

How do I buy a Student Pass?

All passes are purchased online through a secure, automatic bill payment system, which also provides account management tools. Students must sign up via the school website. You must sign up by the 10th of the month to receive your monthly pass for the travel in the next month. (For example, for your October 2018 monthly pass; sign up on or before September 10, 2018.) A non-refundable $3 processing fee will be applied each month, in addition to the fare for the pass. 

How long is the pass valid?

The pass is good for one month as shown. You will receive a new monthly pass in the mail every month unless you choose to suspend your account. Each month, your credit card is automatically billed.

Do I have to buy a pass for the summer months?

No. NJ TRANSIT suspends every Student Pass account at the end of May. Students who want to buy a Student Pass during the summer months or want to reactivate their Student Pass account in the fall can do so through online account management.

Can I suspend my account at any time?

Yes. You can suspend your account through the online account management tools.

Do students at non-participating schools receive a student discount?

Students who attend accredited colleges/post-secondary schools where online Student Pass sales are not yet available, can obtain a discounted rail monthly pass by going to any NJ TRANSIT ticket window to pick up a paper form. The discount for students of accredited non-participating schools is 25% off rail monthly passes only – not bus or light rail passes.

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