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Programs & Resources

International Student Ambassador Program

Our ambassador program offers new and continuing international students an opportunity to build meaningful social connections while having easy access to peer knowledge and resources that support a smooth transition into Monmouth University. The initiative sets students up for success throughout their program. Our International Student Ambassadors (ISAs) use their knowledge and experiences as students to assist international newcomers in adapting to life in the United States by maintaining an open line of communication.

Members of this program provide students with a digital space for communication through the international student WhatsApp group. Additionally, our ambassadors schedule check-ins with new and continuing international students to help them adjust and provide ongoing support throughout their time here in the U.S. All ambassadors are active members in the International Club, organizing opportunities and events for international students to get together and socialize with peers across the University.

One to World

Our office regularly partners with the organization One to World, an organization based out of New York City that works with international students in the New York and surrounding New Jersey areas. One to World provides programs aimed at helping students engage in their local communities through face-to-face experiences. These programs help students build relationships with their peers and deepen their understanding of contemporary life in the United States. Opportunities include sharing cultures and experiences in the classroom, enjoying dinners inside local homes, and volunteering through community service projects.

For more information about the experiences One to World provides, visit their website or contact their director of membership and programs, Marisa Silva, at

International Club

Building on our Student Ambassador Program, the International Students Club aims to build a sense of community among our international student population and the rest of the Monmouth student body. The goal is to create a community where students can share their experiences, values, and traditions with peers. The International Club organizes on- and off-campus activities every semester to broaden cultural awareness and deepen understanding of life in the United States. To simplify things, all international students are automatically added to the club roster upon arrival.

Club leaders host events for students who cannot travel during holidays or participate in American national holidays, providing meals and companionship to our international population. Lead club members present at all student orientations so that new students have the opportunity to learn more about the club and upcoming events.

This past Spring semester, a group of international and domestic students visited the United Nations Headquarters in New York City, expanding their knowledge of the United Nations’ efforts to resolve conflict and help communities worldwide. Each semester, we strive to organize trips like this one, which help club members learn and grow while providing a sense of community among students with international interests.

International Student Newsletter

The International Student Newsletter was launched in Fall 2023 to improve communication with the international student population on a monthly basis. Every first week of the month during the semester, students can expect to receive the latest edition in their student email accounts. The newsletter features important reminders and information from the ISS office related to immigration. Additionally, it will highlight our students’ achievements, recommend on-campus and local resources and events, and showcase our University’s continued growth and accomplishments.

*Editors of the International Newsletter consist of current Global Education Office staff and student help. Current student employee editors are listed below:

Study in the States

The Department of Homeland Security created this resource for international students studying in the United States to help with travel, immigration, and requirements. This website has information on a variety of topics provided by the United States government to help students have a smooth transition.

For more information, please visit the Study in the States website.

Immigration Attorney Resources

International Student Services has contacted the list of lawyers below who specialize in the immigration law and confirmed they are available to assist Monmouth’s international students in special cases. Before deciding to seek legal advice, please take the time to assess whether you truly need a lawyer, as this can be a costly endeavor. If you decide to contact any of the lawyers below, mention that you are currently an international student at Monmouth University and inquire about consultation availability, service fees, and available discounts.

Ana Raquel Reis Attorney at Law LLC
241 Monmouth Road, Suite 201
West Long Branch, NJ, 07764
Phone: 732-982-7573

Detzky, Hunter & DeFillippo LLC
45 Court Street
Freehold, NJ, 07728

Goldstein and Cheung LLP
80 Maiden Lane, Suite 1008
New York, NY 10038

King English Immigration Law LLP
17 Broad Street
Freehold, NJ 07728

Please Note: the Global Education Office is not responsible for the service provided by these lawyers. You are responsible for finding a lawyer that best suits your circumstances.

Tax Consultation Resources

As an international student, it is your responsibility and obligation to complete your taxes every year. If you have earned income in the U.S. or were physically present in the United States during the tax year, you are legally required to file. The deadline to do this is April 15, 2024.

  • Even if you did not earn any U.S. income in the previous year, you are still required to file the Form 8843.
  • If you were employed (for pay, on OPT) in the U.S. during 2023, you should have received a W-2 from your employer showing your total earnings. If you have not, you will need to speak with your employer.
  • If you worked on campus at Monmouth University during 2023, W-2s should have already been mailed or should be mailed out soon by the University.
  • If you work off-campus (CPT) and have not received your W-2, you will need to contact your employer.

Please Note: the Global Education Office is not qualified to assist with filing taxes or able to provide answers to your tax questions.

Much like anyone else, individuals from our office will be seeking the assistance of tax professionals to submit our own personal taxes. You are entitled to select whomever you wish to work with to file your taxes such as Turbotax, H&R Block, etc.

However, we would recommend you consider the company Sprintax. They are very reputable and work specifically with international students to submit their taxes.

Visa Wait Times

Applying for your visa in advance is important when making travel plans. Find out more information on current interview wait times at your embassy/consulate using this tool. You will find further information on global wait times here.

Inviting a Relative

If you have friends or family planning to visit you, they will most likely seek a tourist visa, which is unrelated to your current visa status.

In addition to the required documents asked by the U.S. consulate to apply for the tourist visa, you should also have your family/friends include the following:

  1. A letter of invitation in English that includes the following information:
    • The reason for the invitation (e.g., graduation ceremony)
    • The length of stay (six months maximum)
    • The place they are staying
    • The source of financial support during their stay
  2. Enrollment verification form from registrar’s office
  3. A copy of your passport ID page and your I-20
  4. Financial proof of having enough funding to support themselves while here

We have also attached a PDF template which you can use. This letter can be given to your consulate when applying for a B-1 or B-2 Visa.