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Our Staff

International Student Services (ISS) Mission Statement

International Students Services (ISS) under the Global Education Office (GEO) supports international students through creating a caring environment of advocacy, educating and assisting in the navigation of U.S. Immigration regulations, while also providing cultural programming to enable our students to achieve their educational goals and realize their potential.

Our Goal as an Office

Ultimately, our office wants our students to thrive in their surroundings, both academically and socially. Our goal will always be to provide a welcoming environment to all and to continuously develop better ways to serve the international student body and its constituents. We aim for our students to have a sense of belonging while on campus and to leave with a feeling of personal and intellectual accomplishment. Lastly, but no less important as any other goal, we will strive to give the feeling of confidence and security when encountering the many hurdles related to immigration status within the country both during and post academic studies.

Meet the International Student Services Team

Christopher Marrone

Assistant Director of International Student Services

China Foster

Administrative Assistant – Global Education

Mykellann Maloney

Director of Global Education