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Employee Resources

Employee Resources

The Intercultural Center is committed to curating opportunities for historically underrepresented employees to network, navigate resources, and thrive on campus. This includes once-a-semester networking lunches for Employees of Color and LGBTQIA+ Employees. Check our upcoming events page for more information.

Events and Initiatives Co-Sponsorship 

The Center conducts outreach through an active presence on social media and maintains an equity and inclusion events calendar. We can be an avenue to advertise your programs to a campus-wide audience or provide a co-sponsorship if the program falls within the umbrella of social justice, diversity, and inclusion.  If you would like to collaborate with the center on a specific program or initiative, please email us at

Campus Partnerships

The Center works to support groups across campus who are committed to advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion. We encourage you to explore the many community groups on campus that work to build opportunities for networking, programming, and scholarly collaboration including The Black and African Diaspora Forum United and the Program for Gender and Intersectionality Studies

Professional Development and Consultation

The Center offers training and professional development opportunities for all members of the campus community. Safe Zone and Cultivating Inclusion professional development sessions are offered twice a year and do require registration. If you would like to schedule a customized guest lecture or workshop outside of our regular offerings, or you are seeking out consultation concerning a policy, practice, or curriculum, please contact us at

For Faculty, Staff, and Administrators (Offered in January and June of each academic Year) 

Safe Zone Training: LGBTQIA+ Awareness, Advocacy, and Allyship Workshop

Cultivating Inclusion: Reducing Implicit Bias and Expanding your Praxis

Employee Access to LinkedIn Learning

Access Available on the MyMU Homepage: Monmouth University employees now have access to the entirety of the LinkedIn Learning professional development library. If you’re seeking asynchronous professional development regarding diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging – please click the plus sign to view our curated recommendations below: