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Thank you Reenie!

Reenie advising one of her Honors students

Reenie Menditto has served Monmouth University’s (MU) Honors School for the last 22 years, most recently as the Director of Honors Student Standards, Advising, and Services.  Throughout her many years, Reenie created stability and a standard of excellence for the Honors School, while serving with six different deans. There is no question that Reenie served as the heartbeat and core of the Honors School.

Reenie’s contributions to the Honors School are best exemplified by those whose lives she has positively affected. Dr. Bill Mitchell, the founding director of the original honors program and later interim dean, stated, “Reenie Menditto is an awesome supporter of Honors at all levels: administrative, recruitment, publicity, programmatic and most especially compassionate student service. She is proactive, creative, and emotionally warm to students and everyone. Collegial in the best sense of the word, Reenie is also incredibly efficient.”

One of our recent alumni shared that, “Reenie genuinely cares about her honors students. She wants all students to succeed in whatever their dreams may be and will do everything she can to assist. Every step of the way towards graduation, Reenie was there.”

Reenie’s work at MU extended far beyond her home in the Honors School. Her ability to work with people all over campus – Res Life, Admissions, the Registrar’s Office, The Center for Student Success, Athletics (to name a few), and faculty across campus – built and maintained the necessary bridges for deans to build the Honors School, and for students to excel.

Although we already dearly miss Reenie’s historical knowledge, efficiency, effectiveness, support, enthusiasm, and warmth, we wish her all the best in her retirement. We are sure that she will enjoy spending time with her husband, daughters, and grandchildren. Reenie, may the 22 years of happiness and support you provided to thousands of students reward you with many years of a happy and healthy retirement.