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James Watson

James Watson is a senior History and English double major with a minor in Gender Studies who just presented his Honors Thesis entitled “The Rose that Grew from Harlem: Tracking the Pessimism in 20th Century African American Protest Literature.”  We want to congratulate Jimmy for his outstanding scholarship and for his acceptance into the highly competitive University of Notre Dame’s ACE Teaching Fellows Program as a member of ACE 28 as an ACE Ambassador. After his May 2021 graduation, Jimmy will leave for South Bend to begin his service as a full-time teacher in an underserved Catholic, elementary, middle or high school classroom selected by his program. Over the course of two summers and two academic years, Jimmy will earn his cost-free Master of Education degree from the University of Notre Dame, gain professional training and field experience, as well as state licensure. Jimmy will reside with other ACE Fellows during his tenure in the program.  We are proud of Jimmy for his acceptance as ACE Fellow and for his desire to serve his community in this extraordinary way.