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School of Science Graduate Programs of Study

Master of Science in Computer Science

The Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS) at Monmouth University prepares students for a wide variety of careers involving computer technology, telecommunications, software design, and software development. This program also enhances versatility and capability for employment advancement in many other disciplines and career paths.

Graduates of the program have a firm grounding in computer programming, data structures, algorithms, computer networks, intelligent information systems, and databases. Students may choose to concentrate in the areas of computer networks, databases and intelligent information systems, or security of information systems and networks.

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Master of Science in Information Systems

The Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) is a unique degree program which educates students on how to apply computing technology to business problems. With courses offered through the Monmouth University School of Science and the Leon Hess Business School, the MSIS program prepares students for employment in the IT industry at a management level.

In business today, the use of technology not only improves decision-making, but also enables businesses to streamline their operations and compete more effectively in the marketplace. As a result, the management of information systems is an integral part in virtually every business, from healthcare and high-technology to restaurants and other retail businesses. Students in the program can choose to concentrate in a management track or a technology track.

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Master of Science in Software Engineering

The Master of Science in Software Engineering (MSSE) curriculum integrates applied computer science, mathematics and management science with an engineering methodology for software development. Students benefit from small classes taught by full-time senior faculty members recognized as experts in their field and bolstered by adjunct faculty members affiliated with nearby high-technology firms. Learn how to be effective members of a software development team using the latest methods, tools, and techniques for delivering software on time and within budget. In addition to a firm grounding in computer science, graduates acquire the ability to prepare software requirements, define system architectures, design software to solve practical problems, and manage software projects to decrease risk while increasing quality.

Students who have an undergraduate degree in software engineering participate in an advanced track which provides in-depth experience in various advanced software engineering topics. Those holding degrees in other disciplines can be confident that, even with virtually no knowledge of software engineering, they will develop a very credible capability in the field.

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