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  • Tracks and Curriculum Options

    As an MS in Information Systems student, you have the option of two distinct tracks: technology or management. Both tracks cover three areassoftware life cycle, information technology management, and business strategic management. For either track, you’re required to successfully complete between 30 and 43.5 credits, depending on your prior academic preparation.

    • Technology Track ― Emphasizes the software lifecycle. In this track you’ll take additional computer science and software engineering courses.

    • Management Track ― Emphasizes information technology management and business strategic management. In this track you’ll take additional business courses.


    In either track, you may choose two electives from a variety of courses in management information systems, management, computer science, and software engineering. Electives for the MS in Information Systems include:

    • Network and Software Security
    • Cryptography
    • Intelligent Systems
    • Data Mining
    • Cloud Computing

    Practicum and Thesis

    Both tracks culminate with a 6-credit practicum or 6-credit thesis that you’ll complete under the supervision of an experienced faculty member.

    The practicum is a two-semester project in which you’ll work with other students in a team to solve a real problem for a real client against a deadline. The thesis involves doing original research on a management information systems topic.