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P-12 Focus Area

Students interested in P-12 will prepare to lead initiatives and implement transformational change across elementary and secondary school settings. You will develop critical leadership, analytical, and decision-making skills needed to pave the way for positive change within your institution. Careers in this area may include program directors, counselors, principals, or superintendents throughout all sectors of P-12. Past transformational leadership project examples have included inclusive special education programming, personalized learning through social media, and culturally responsive teaching.

Sample Course Sequence

Graduate Year 1
EDD 752 Quantitative Research3
EDD 750 Advanced Program Analysis3
EDD 801 Research Design3
Semester Credits9
EDD 710 Leadership, Diversity, and Equity3
EDD 756 Qualitative Research3
Semester Credits6
Graduate Year 2
Summer Session B
EDD 720 Contemporary Issues in Education3
EDD 702 Adult Dev & Transformative Learning3
Summer Session E
EDD 802 Writing for Professional Publication3
EDD 716 Practicum in Executive Leadership3
Semester Credits12
EDD 721 Education Law and Policy P-123
EDD 754 Leadership and Assessment3
EDD 803 Design-Based Research3
Semester Credits9
EDD 712 International Leadership Models3
EDD 722 Leading Digital Learning & Innovation3
Semester Credits6
Graduate Year 3
Summer Session E
EDD 706 Learning Through Experience3
EDD 724 Organizational Leadership Theory and Research3
EDD 714 Leadership and Change3
Semester Credits9
Semester of Doctoral DefenseCredits
EDD 804 Analyzing and Interpreting Data (taken as an independent study)3
Total Credits54
Professor Lavetta Ross teaching near a projector