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Degree Requirements

The degree requirements for the Ed.D. in Education Leadership include the completion of 54 credits in five learning strands, including:

Leadership and Learning – The purpose of this strand of courses is to provide students with a fundamental understanding of how people and organizations develop professionally over time. Topics will include the acquisitions of expertise, workplace learning, transformational learning, human growth and development, and experiential learning.

Transformative Leadership – The purpose of this strand of courses is to address leadership during the change process. This strand is important for understanding the change process, building a climate for innovation and change, designing changes and understanding the dynamic of fostering change.

Policies and Procedures – The purpose of this strand is to provide students with an understanding of how to implement and institutionalize transformational change.

Research and Assessment – The purpose of this strand is to teach the fundamental principles of knowledge development through the research design, and the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data. This strand is important for developing the analytical thinking skills necessary for sound decision-making and good communication with stakeholders.

Transformative Leadership Project – The purpose of the courses in this strand is to extend and deepen thinking about education, “educational leadership,” and inquiry through shared readings, interaction with faculty and local educational leaders, and critical reflective writing and conversation. Based on these reflective writings and conversations, students are expected to initiate and maintain a professional portfolio and to develop and present a dissertation based on their Transformative Leadership Project at the end of their 6th semester in the program.

The hybrid class format combines the convenience of online instruction with the advantages of on-campus courses. On-campus instruction will occur primarily on alternate Saturdays with some supplemental coursework work occurring on selected Thursday nights. The coursework will be delivered over a two-year period as outlined below:

Cohort 1

Semester 1 Fall Credits
EDD 801 Research Design (2.0)
EDD 750 Advanced Program Analysis (3.0)
EDD 720 Contemporary Issues in Education (3.0)
Semester 2 Spring Credits
EDD 801 Research Design (1.0)
EDD 752 Quantitative Research (3.0)
EDD 710 Leadership and Change (3.0)
Semester 3 Summer Credits
EDD 802 Writing for Professional Publication in Education (3.0)
EDD 702 Adult Development and Transformative Learning (3.0)
EDD 721 Education Law and Policy (3.0)
EDD 724 Organizational Leadership Theory & Research (3.0)
Semester 4 Fall Credits
EDD 803 Design-Based Research (2.0)
EDD 754 Leadership and Assessment (3.0)
EDD 712 International Leadership Models (3.0)
Semester 5 Spring Credits
EDD 803 Design-Based Research (1.0)
EDD 756 Qualitative Research (3.0)
EDD 714 Leadership, Diversity and Equity (3.0)
Semester 6 Summer Credits
EDD 804 Analyzing and Interpreting Data (3.0)
EDD 706 Learning through Experience: Individuals and Organizations (3.0)
EDD 722 Leading Digital Learning and Innovation in Education (3.0)
EDD 716 Practicum in Executive Leadership (3.0)
Total Minimum Credits (54.0)