All Clear, Delayed Opening – July 23, 2024

All clear. Our investigation has been concluded and there is no threat to campus. The shelter-in-place has been lifted.

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DNP Program Outcomes

At the completion of the DNP program the student will be able to:

  • Analyze scientific underpinnings for practice by using nursing science with knowledge from ethics, biophysical, psychosocial, analytical, and organization sciences to advance health and health care delivery systems (Essential I, AACN, 2006).
  • Develop and evaluate effective, culturally relevant, evidence-based care quality improvement and patient safety approaches, using principles of business, finance, and health policy that meet the current and future needs of patient populations (Essential II, AACN, 2006). 
  • Design and implement scholarly evidence-based processes using information technology and research methods to improve practice and healthcare environments (Essential III, AACN, 2006 ).
  • Select, use and evaluate healthcare information systems and patient care technology to advance quality, patient safety and organization effectiveness (Essential IV, AACN, 2006).
  • Advocate social justice, equity, and ethics within health care arenas by contrasting major contextual factors and policies that influence health policy-making at various levels (Essential V, AACN, 2006 ).
  • Employ effective team leadership skills to create positive change and improve outcomes in complex healthcare systems (Essential VI, AACN, 2006).
  • Analyze epidemiologic, biostatistical, environmental, genetic and other appropriate scientific data to develop culturally relevant and scientifically based health promotion and disease prevention initiatives (Essential VII, AACN, 2006).
  • Employ advanced levels of critical thinking, clinical judgment, systems thinking and accountability to design, deliver, and evaluate evidence-based care to improve patient and population and health systems outcomes (Essential VIII, AACN, 2006).