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School of Nursing and Health Studies

Monmouth University Professional Nurses Association (MUPNA)

All Monmouth University Nursing students are members of MUPNA.

The purpose of the MUPNA is to:

  • contribute to nursing education and help to provide for the highest quality of healthcare; to aid in the development of nurses’ professional role and their responsibility for the healthcare of people in all walks of life;
  • to provide programs representative of fundamental and current professional interests and concerns;
  • to promote awareness and involvement in nursing education;
  • to act as a liaison between nursing faculty, administration, student government, and nursing students; and
  • to provide an online means of communication for the nursing community at Monmouth University.

One of the key aims of the organization is to act as the student’s voice in the Nursing Department. A representative of MUPNA is invited to attend all faculty meetings.

MUPNA is also Monmouth University’s first virtual club.

An online forum has been established for all Marjorie K. Unterberg Nursing Students. It is accessible to students through a designated e-learning site. In this manner the school has created a space for MU nursing students to communicate, share information, and find support!

Featured at the web site are:

  • Highlights of monthly meetings and guest speakers
  • Employment opportunities
  • Discussion groups with other nurses and online support chats
  • Professional support and mentoring options
  • Scholarship information

Board members for the 2016-2017 school year:

  • President – Miranda Konstantinides
  • Vice President – Kim Thompson
  • Secretary – Arianna Duncan
  • Treasurer – Adrianna Giangregorio
  • SGA Representative/Liaison- Shaheen Grajeda
  • Fundraising Chair – Sarah Brennan
  • Representatives from Sophomore Class – Kelly Fitzpatrick and Marc Anastacio

Faculty Advisors:

  • Professor Beth Gough
  • Barbara Paskewich – Director of Professional Development