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Overview of the New Member/Intake Process

Family Guide to Fraternity and Sorority Life

Overview of the New Member/Intake Process

The new member process can take no longer than five weeks as per Monmouth University policy.  Your student should receive a calendar of events from the New Member Educator (the student charged with the responsibility of administering the new member program) at their first meeting.

Typically, you can expect your student to have a weekly meeting with the rest of the students who are joining and the New Member Educator.  At these meetings students usually participate in team builders, learn fraternity/sorority history, organizational structure, talk about the requirements they must meet in order to become an initiated member, etc.  There is no need for students to keep the information in these meetings confidential.

Most new members participate in an academic program through the organization (tutoring with an older member, attending study hours at the library, submitting copies of their grades throughout the semester). They are also participating in community service, attending some sort of leadership programming (a retreat, workshops, and educational speakers) and are likely attending social events.

New Members are also required to attend 3 New Member Education Sessions sponsored by the Office of Student Engagement. During these sessions, your student will learn about campus policies, including hazing and alcohol, sexual misconduct, and values-based organizations. Our office educates students to heighten their awareness of hazing.  However, you may be the person most likely to learn of behaviors that are causing psychological, emotional or physical harm.  We would ask that you bring any such concerns to our attention immediately in order for us to actively intervene.

Only the ritual ceremony should be private; no meetings or events should run past 11:59 p.m. or be held before 8 a.m., and all events should be talked about well in advance with the students so that they can adjust their schedule accordingly.