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Overview of Recruitment

Monmouth University is a deferred campus.  This means first-year students are not eligible to join an organization during their first semester at Monmouth. All students interested in joining a fraternity or sorority must have a minimum cumulative of a 2.5 GPA (*PLEASE NOTE: the minimum GPA of 2.5 for new and current members is operating on a trial basis for the spring 2023 semester and will be reviewed by OSE at the end of the term to determine if it should remain or be increased) and have completed at least 12 college credits (Advanced Placement (AP) credits do not count). Students who transfer to Monmouth are eligible to join in their first semester, as long as they have 12 college credits accepted by Monmouth University.  Student organizations should not have any alcohol at recruitment activities. All recruitment activities must be approved by the Greek Senate and/or respective Council for each chapter. Prospective members must also attend a Fraternity/Sorority Life 101 session, take “Not Anymore” training and complete an online policy workshop.

The Panhellenic Council (see chapter members in “Governing Councils and their Chapters) holds a formal recruitment weekend in late February. Women interested in joining an organization will be introduced to this process beginning in January, as the Panhellenic Council holds different information sessions. There is a non-refundable fee associated with the recruitment process. Occasionally, a chapter will recruit in the fall semester. This is determined at the beginning of the fall semester, and limited spots are available.

The Interfraternal Council hosts events as a council, and individual chapters hold events as well during a designated time. All recruitment events must be on campus and may not involve alcohol.

The Multicultural Greek Council’s recruitment process is called intake. Students interested in joining these organizations will attend informational sessions to learn more about the organizations and the process. Often, intake can be up to six weeks.

It is important to know a great deal about the chapter before deciding to join. Recruitment events provide a time for mutual learning, a time when chapters learn about the new students and the new students learn about the chapters. All chapters are different and by asking questions and noting the differences, your student will narrow their selection to the most appropriate chapter. Students are encouraged to attend Meet the Greeks to view all the recognized chapters at Monmouth University, and get to know the chapters better. We encourage you to view the chapter profiles on our website to gain some insight on each chapter as well.