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Cost and Financial Aid

Halloween Express Scholarship

The scholarship contest is open to all fields of study for students who are at least 18 years of age by the entry deadline and have been accepted to an accredited post secondary undergraduate program or college located in the United States for the stated school years. The program can be a two or four year vocational, college or university. Financial need is not a consideration for this scholarship.

How to Enter

Submit your essay along with the information requested using the ONLINE FORM available on this page. You will be asked to provide some personal information. All information provided will be used only to compete in this contest. We will never sell or give away your information to anyone, ever. Essay must be submitted by the entry deadline specified in the scholarship contest period. All entries must use the online form. Entries cannot be accepted any other way. Only one essay per person (based on email) will be accepted.

Essay Topic

In recent years there’s been a lot of debate about Halloween costume standards. Some cities have banned or at least strongly discouraged certain types of costumes such as clown costumes. Some costume retailers have faced outrage from various groups protesting certain ethnic or religious dress costumes (e.g. Native American costumes). And there are groups who protest the selling of costumes which in their view either glorify violence (e.g. military costumes) or are overly sexual. The fall ritual of dressing up in costume and trick-or-treating seems particularly challenging for college campuses where some university administrations have gone as far as to issue warnings about costume choices.

Are the standards for Halloween costumes changing? Or, are these protests simply one more example of some who want to force their point of view on others?    Are there some costumes which should be off-limits? If so, what are those costumes?  And, who gets to decide what those limits are? Why? Is freedom of expression no longer relevant?  Have we reached the point at which we’re being conditioned to be offended by everything we see and hear? What type of costume did you wear last year? What will you wear this year?

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