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Study Abroad

Financial aid is available to fund a study abroad experience. The types and amount of aid available depend on the study abroad program (i.e., programs affiliated with Monmouth University versus through another U.S.-based college or university) and the individual student’s general eligibility for financial aid.

Monmouth University Study Abroad Programs

Monmouth University offers study abroad programs at University of Westminster (England), Macquarie University (Australia), University of Cadiz (Spain), International Study Abroad (Buenos Aires), Lorenzo de` Medici (Italy), Sant`Anna Institute (Italy), and the European Study Center (France).  Additional information about study abroad programs is available from the Global Education Office.

 If you are otherwise eligible, you may receive federal and state grants and loans, most Monmouth University grants and scholarships, and private alternative loans to pay your study abroad costs; athletic funding and tuition remission may not be used for study abroad.  Financial aid can be used for tuition, fees, room, board, transportation, and personal expenses.  

Students wishing to receive financial aid for the summer semester programs at Lorenzo de’ Medici and Cádiz  should complete a Monmouth University Summer Financial Aid Application, available on etrieve.

Study Abroad Programs Through Other Institutions

Monmouth University grants, scholarships, and tuition remission are not applicable to non-Monmouth study abroad programs.  In order to receive federal, state, or private funding for a study abroad experience through another U.S.-based college or university, a consortium agreement between Monmouth University and the other institution must be completed by the Financial Aid Office.  The student is responsible for supplying the information (i.e., the program cost and courses the student plans to take) necessary to complete the consortium agreement.

Please contact Nancy Hanson, Assistant Director of Financial Aid, at to discuss your plans for participating in a study abroad experience – either Monmouth or non-Monmouth – and explore what financial aid options are available to you.  It is essential that your financial aid is finalized prior to your departure, so it’s never too early to begin planning!