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Cádiz, Spain Program

Cádiz, Spain Summer Program 

Cádiz, founded by the Phoenicians more than 3,000 years ago, lays claim to the title of “oldest city in Europe.” Water surrounds Cádiz on three sides, and it’s only thanks to a land bridge—the “Puerta de Tierra”, constructed in 1755 at the height of the city’s prominence as a port of American trade—that travelers can arrive here without a seafaring vessel. That same water covers many of the ancient ruins today, as does some modern construction, and yet the city’s unsurpassed longevity still pulses in its winding streets and stunning cityscapes.

Modern-day Cádiz is equally famous for its annual pre-spring carnival and for its residents’ open arms and artful sense of humor. The capital of the Cádiz province, this city of 130,000 is nonetheless an intriguingly less-beaten path, rarely overwhelmed with foreign tourists and easy to get around by foot.

On our six-week program, under the auspices of Centro MundoLengua in collaboration with the University of Cádiz-Andalucía (UCA), students will take two courses (six credits) of Spanish, choosing from beginner through upper-level language courses. Students at the 300 and 400 levels will take one three-credit course in language and one three-credit course on social issues with a service component. Formal coursework is enriched outside the classroom with cultural and hands-on activities, such as flamenco and salsa lessons, Andalusian cookery, surf lessons, and numerous one-day and multi-day excursions including visits to Granada, Seville, El Puerto de Santa María and the beautiful pueblo blanco of Arcos de la Frontera. Students also have free weekends when they can travel to other parts of Spain, Morocco or other European countries.

Students live with carefully selected Spanish families whose homes are within walking distance to the university and one another. Students have full room and board (3 meals per day) and laundry service once per week.

Our program provider, MundoLengua, works with the same families on a regular basis, allowing them and the families to establish close coordination and collaboration. Periodically, MundoLengua staff visit each home to do a full inspection and to speak with the members of the family to ensure that all of our students continue to have comfortable quarters and warm and enthusiastic hosts.

Family homestays provide students with invaluable insight into the Spanish culture and daily life—the true “immersion experience.” Without a doubt, living with a Spanish family is the best way for students to advance their communication skills.

For more information on why Spain is such a unique study abroad program, watch the following video to hear more about student experiences:

Fast Facts:  The program is offered only in the summer for 6 weeks (end of June to early August; dates vary). Cádiz is one of the oldest cities in Europe and one of the most beautiful, surrounded by water, gorgeous beaches, and is a rich and authentic cultural location. It is known as one of the happiest places with the happiest people in Europe; a very safe and family-friendly city. Students pay a room and board fee and live with a host family (students reported they loved living with a Spanish family), airport pick-up and drop-off, flamenco and salsa lessons, Andalusia cooking lessons, surf lessons, social events with Spanish University students, and numerous excursions (several include overnight accommodations).

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