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Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Students majoring in Clinical Laboratory Sciences with a concentration in Medical Laboratory Science complete 90 credits of NAACLS-prescribed coursework at Monmouth University followed by a fifteen-month internship at the Rutgers School of Health Professions (Rutgers-SHP). 

  • While students are completing the internship phase of their academic program they will be billed by Rutgers University, at the rates published by Rutgers and payments will be made directly to Rutgers University.  Questions regarding billing and payment should be referred to the Rutgers University Student Accounting, Billing, and Cashiering Office
  • Any federal, state, and/or private grants, scholarships and loans to which the student might be entitled will be processed by the Rutgers University Office of Financial Aid; students should contact that office for information regarding application and processing of their financial aid.
  • Students who are otherwise eligible for a Monmouth University grant or scholarship will be eligible for a prorated portion of their award(s) while they are enrolled in the internship program.  Proration of the award is based on the amount of tuition assessed by Rutgers University, and students must provide a copy of their tuition bill for each semester in which they wish to receive the award.  Tuition bills should forwarded to Nancy Hanson, Assistant Director of Financial Aid, at