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  • Department of English

    Monmouth University's Department of English gives students the opportunity to study literature, writing, and rhetoric in a supportive and engaging intellectual community of faculty and peers. English majors and minors are encouraged to pursue their interests under the direction of dedicated and accomplished faculty mentors both inside and outside the classroom, and can choose from a range of programs and courses offerings in the areas of literature, creative writing and professional writing. Students will enhance their close reading and analytical skills as they encounter the pleasures and possibilities found in reading literary works of aesthetic and cultural value. A major or minor in English enables students to develop critical awareness that prepares them for careers in the areas of teaching, law, business, publishing, writing, and administration, and most importantly, lays the foundation for a lifelong engagement with the versatility, power, and beauty of language.

  • Rebecca Gokberk

    Spotlight on Alumna Rebecca Gokberk

    “When I started grad school, I made a promise to myself that I would embrace every opportunity that came my way.”

    Rebecca Gokberk's goal is to become the first female Librarian of Congress. Now attending the University of Illinois for the Masters of Library Science program, she is seizing every opportunity. Rebecca received her MA in English from Monmouth University in May 2016 and holds a BA from Ramapo College. She credits her three semesters as a Graduate Assistant in Monmouth's Department of English with the inspiration, saying "it made me realize that I love helping other people with their research." For her Master's Thesis, she used The Alice in Wonderland Cookbook ,  The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook , and The   Official Game of Thrones Companion Cookbook to argue the literary cookbook's "perspective on the relationships between authors and texts, readers and texts, and literature and food studies." Rebecca advises fellow students to get involved, saying "when I started grad school, I made a promise to myself that I would embrace every opportunity that came my way."