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The Monmouth University Office of Purchasing, located on the lower level of the Great Hall (W4), maintains control over purchases and assures compliance with University polices and procedures. It provides many additional services to the administration, staff, and faculty.

Primary functions include purchasing of equipment, materials, supplies and services as required, giving due consideration to price, quality, delivery, terms of payment, shipping services, and other factors that have an effect on end costs.

The Office of Purchasing also issues purchase orders, monitors receipts of goods, approves invoices for payment, and ensures that proper credit is received for returned goods. Purchasing handles all vendor contact with respect to returns, overcharges, damage claims, guarantees, and warranties. The staff assists departments and offices in developing multiple sources of supply for the purpose of competitive bidding and with technical and product information.


Note: The director of purchasing is the authorized agent for the University in the procurement of goods and services.